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Xiamen spring beat boutique: brother kiln bowl

直径:14.3cm  高:6.5cm

Diameter: 14.3cm height: 6.5cm


"Ge kiln" is one of the five famous kilns in the song dynasty. Elder brother kiln embryo many purple black, iron black, also have tawny. Glaze for the opaque glaze, glaze pan a layer of crisp light, glaze color to Fried rice yellow, gray green, glaze size grain combined. After dyeing, the large grain is dark brown and the small grain is yellowish brown, which is also called "gold wire wire", "moire plum blossom", "leaf vein" and "wenwu". This is one of the main characteristics of the inherited ge kiln. There are all kinds of bottles, stoves, washing and dishes, basins, dishes and so on. See archaize model more, bottom foot makes not very neat, glaze is common shrink glaze and brown eye.

哥窑是宋代五大名窑之一,明代《格古要论》中有这样的描述:“哥窑纹取冰裂、鳝血为上,梅花片墨纹次之。细碎纹,纹之下也。” 遗憾的是,宋哥窑的窑址,至今还没有被人们发现,我们只有从传世作品上去解读哥窑的历史。哥釉瓷的重要特征是釉面开片,这是发生在釉面上的一种自然开裂现象。开裂原本是瓷器烧制中的缺陷,后来人们掌握了开裂的规律,有意识地让它产生开片,从而产生了一种独特的美感。宋代哥釉瓷釉质莹润,通体釉面被粗深或者细浅的两种纹线交织切割,术语叫作“冰裂纹”,俗称“金丝铁线”。哥窑瓷土脉微紫,质薄,有油灰色、米色、粉青色三种瓷釉彩,表面满裂纹。因为土质含铁量较高,烧胚时发生氧化,瓷器胚呈紫黑铁色,瓷器没有涂釉的底部显现瓷胚本来的铁色,叫“铁足”,而釉彩较薄的口部呈紫色,叫“紫口”,俗称“紫口铁足”。

Ge yao is one of the five famous kilns in the song dynasty. In the Ming dynasty, ge gu yao has this description: "ge yao grain takes ice crack and eel blood as the top, followed by plum blossom slice ink grain. Fine grain, even under the grain." Unfortunately, the site of song ge kiln has not been discovered yet, so we can only interpret the history of song ge kiln from the inherited works. The important feature of ge glaze porcelain is the opening of glaze, which is a natural cracking phenomenon. Cracking was originally a defect in porcelain firing, but later people mastered the law of cracking and consciously let it produce pieces, thus producing a unique aesthetic feeling. The glaze of ge glaze porcelain in song dynasty is bright and smooth, and the glaze surface of the whole body is interleaved and cut by two kinds of thick and deep or thin lines. The term is called "ice crack", and it is commonly known as "gold wire wire". The veins of geyao porcelain clay are slightly purple and thin, with three kinds of enamel colors: oil gray, beige and pink blue. The surface is full of cracks. Due to the high content of iron in the soil, the porcelain embryo was oxidized when the embryo was burned, and the porcelain embryo was purple and black iron. The bottom of the porcelain without glaze showed the original iron color of the porcelain embryo, which was called "iron foot", while the thin mouth of the glaze was purple, which was called "purple mouth", commonly known as "purple mouth iron foot".




This recommended collection for the elder brother kiln bowl. The collection as a representative of the elder brother kiln implements, moist glaze, such as crisp, cold soft, soft luster, bubble natural craze, violet black, glaze thick, ring foot to dark purple, with tire body surface containing iron oxide red rust, rendering the elder brother of the glaze, although after one thousand years, luster is soft like a new feature, gold wire with, open a uniform crack nature, tiny, glaze and body fit closely, round appearance, amplifier, fully displays the ancients superb design and firing precision work skill. Well preserved, the background color such as white jade, crack natural thousands of changes, is a rare ge kiln classic handed down.



"Ge kiln" porcelain has been the favorite of collectors in the past dynasties, as early as the end of the yuan dynasty, "ge kiln" porcelain appeared. Kong qi in the "to the integrity of records" has a record: "when b did not winter in hangzhou city brother cave kiln got a fragrant ding, fine quality is new, the color is as shiny and runy as the old, the discerning hesitant. Hui jingxi wang deweng also cloud: recently ge kiln absolutely kind of ancient officials, can not not distinguish. This is the earliest written record of archaize. Since then, the Ming and qing dynasties, there has been a copy of ge kiln 100 pieces of porcelain, which is also popular among collectors. This brother kiln bowl, by the country scale auction co., LTD., recommended collectors contact the company to understand, participate in the auction times recommended to buy.